Soakwells are underground tanks that allow water to seep away without causing damage to surrounding areas and are important for maintaining the integrity of a buildings foundation.

Rain water can easily sit and rest against cement or concrete foundations which can lead to structural deterioration. A soakwell system will aid in the dispersion of water from your property.

Drainage from roof space is important to avoid water overflow into guttering causing unnecessary damage to your property. The same applies to ground levels where water has nowhere to flow. This can cause sand washing away beneath pavers or concrete. In addition, soil and grass can become to wet resulting in plant and grass root damage whereby erosion and landscaping damage can occur rather quickly.

Storm water requirements can vary among councils and will likely be determined by the size of the building, property zoning, residential density, or local storm water capacity among other factors. Generally, the size of tanks or soak well is determined by the volume of water per roof space and area. We can include water tanks that have a landscaping option with a pump if wish to recycle and save water. Soakwells are typically made of concrete, polypropylene, PVC or plastic. Soakwells may come with or without concrete pavers or lids which resist pressure from above.

We are an experienced soakwell installation service and can help determine the right requirements for your property.

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